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Palo Alto Friends Meeting-El Salvador Projects

Changing rural El Salvador through education since 1989

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 Meet some of our committee members

 El Salvador Projects Committee Members

Trudy Reagan

became a Friend in high school in 1951. In 1982, the Palo Alto Friends Joined "sanctuary" churches around the United States to aid Central Americans fleeing oppression, and in 1984 Trudy met her first friends from El Salvador. She is an artist, working under the name "Myrrh" (Mirra). When she didn't see their terrible stories of oppression in the media, she undertook a booklet of drawings, "No Puedo Decir lo Peor" in 1986 to tell others what refugees had told her. She has donated a copy to the Museo de la Revolución in Perquin. he and Paul Engstrom joined three other people in a delegation to El Salvador in 1988 to bring material aid and hear testimony from community groups. They also spent several days in the Colomoncagua, Honduras refugee camp. She was so moved by this that she painted a series of paintings on wood she calls "The Resilient Spirit," several of which are now at the Centro de Arte para la Paz in Suchitoto. Meanwhile, Carmen Broz was accompanying campaisinos in 1986 to El Barío, and came to San Salvador again in 1989 to begin education projects as the spirit directed her. Trudy became active on the committee to support these projects in about 1996, and visited them in 1999. She visited again with Lynn Mitchell in 2000-2001. They had just gotten home when the January 2001 earthquake struck! Trudy did a series of portraits and two sweatshirt designs to sell to raise money for reconstruction.  In 2016 Trudy was name our committee clerk. 

Bill Bauriedel 

recently retired from a 38 year career in Information Systems work. The last 33 years were all spent working on various infrastructure projects for Stanford University. He is married to Marilyn who has also recently retired as an attorney. They have two children, Tanya and Gabriel. Tanya is married and has two children. Gabriel is also married and is expecting a child in October, 2007. Bill stated attending the Palo Alto Friends Meeting in about 1972 and joined the Meeting in about 1987. He listened to Carmen Broz' vision of her passion for the people of El Salvador and became involved in helping her realize her dreams. He began by managing the mailing list for the various newsletters and the donor list. He was clerk of the committee for one year and more recently is managing all the accounting for the committee and keeping track of the student/sponsor relations for the university loan program.  


 Jamie and Marion Newton

have been supporters of the el Salvador Projects since Carmen Broz began them in the mid-1980’s, through the Palo Alto Friends Meeting in California, where Jamie is a member, and the Gila Friends Meeting in New Mexico, where Marion is a member. Their families and the Broz family became close friends when all were members of the Phoenix Friends Meeting in Arizona in the 1950’s, when Marion and Jamie were young children. Both Jamie and Marion are teachers – Jamie is a Professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University, and Marion teaches kindergarten at Peninsula School in Menlo Park. They spend the academic year in California and the summer in New Mexico, where their family members include two grandchildren. Both Marion and Jamie are fluent in Spanish. They visited the projects in El Salvador together in 2004, as part of the first delegation of project supporters, and Jamie returned for a second visit in 2006. 


 Hulda Muaka

was born in Kenya, Africa and came to the United States 20 years ago as the spouse of a graduate student. Prior to coming to America Hulda worked as a journalist with the Kenyan Government for ten years, a period that really opened her eyes to the fact that individuals can really change societies. Meeting Carmen Broz at the Palo Alto Friends Meeting in 2002 confirmed for Hulda that an individual could actually change the lives of many. In the States, Hulda has worked as an administrative associate for The Language Center at Stanford University, Ecumenical Black Campus Ministry, and Wesley Foundation at UCLA. She has also worked as a caregiver to people of all ages including her own children, Dennis and Agidza Muaka. She has served as a board member on the Friends of the Palo Alto Children’s Theater for the last four years and is currently the Program advertising coordinator.  






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