Future and upcoming Serrvice Learning Trips

Our 2020 Service Learning Trip to El Salvador was canceled to the Covid-19 pandemic. We currently don´t have any trips scheduled to El Salvador in 2023.

A past Complete Service-Learning Trip Packet and Sign up forms are now available as a downloadable MS Word Doc file here, or as a viewable and down loadable pdf file here. As mentioned above we do not currently have any scheduled trips planned in 2023. When we do plan a trip dates are usually in late July

with registrationstarting on December 1st, but if interested in joining us on a future trip feel free to contact us now and we will get you on the list and keep you updated for future trips to El Salvador. 

For answers to any questions or concerns please write to Robert Broz at [email protected], Nathan Secrest at [email protected] or Sarah Ludwig at [email protected]